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The Beauty of Being a Programmer

Programming can be challenging and frustrating, but there are also some amazing things that happen along the path. Here are some of the Benefits programmers Enjoy in the process of solving problems.


A programmer inevitably becomes a problem solver. Problem solving skills are one of the most sought after skills in many industries around the world.

Due to the nature of the programming environment, a programmer acquires problem solving skills so early in their programming journey as most of programming is about figuring out how to make code do what you want.

By finding solutions to simple and complex problems, a programmer inevitably becomes analytical and develops great focus, this makes a programmer to have an eye for detail and technics to solve problems effectively.


A programmer can be utterly nothing today and everything tomorrow, when you think big things, think programming.

A programmer can be a junior developer at some startup today and be the founder/CEO of the next big thing tomorrow.

Think of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, MyYearBook, Canva, flipcart, and many others too numerous to mention. It is possible to be block today and be a millionaire tomorrow 🙂.


Lines upon lines of code have brought life to Robots, transport systems, computers, social media platforms. To be able to make a machine (some metals and wires) intelligent (Artificial Intelligence) & interactive and give vision to machines without eyes or humanlike movement to nonliving metal is truly a great privilege a programmer enjoys – simply put, the power to create.

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Great advancement in technology means someone has to keep up with the advancement and make it easier to non-tech people to understand technology.

Programmers are needed all over the world to work on new technologies in aviation, computing, cyber security, telecommunications, transport, medicine, finance, consumer electronics and many other fields.

Some of the biggest companies employing programmers include, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent, Tesla, Netflix, Apple, Samsung etc.


With all the commitment and broadness that comes with formal education, the labs, the assignments, the exams and all, which are all good in their own way, it is an utter delight to just choose a path and focus fully therein.

Such is a privilege a programmer has, to be able to be a full time professional programmer for big companies without ever attending a semester in college. Isn’t that amazing, to be spared thousands of dollars in student loans.

Ultimately, a degree is not a must to be programmer. Brad Traversy of Traversy Media is a good example of a self-taught programmer who has been approached by many big companies. You can also be a programmer.

The Beauty of Being a Programmer
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