5 Popular Programming Languages That You Should Not Learn in 2024

5 Popular Programming Languages That You Should Not Learn in 2024

Learning to code is one of the best decisions you can ever make. If you have chosen to learn programming in 2024, you have made a great choice.

There are many programming languages to choose from. Other programming languages are suitable for web development, others for game development, systems programming, and so on.

There are many factors you must consider when choosing to learn a programming language.

Other programming languages fetch higher salaries, others are good for performance, others are easy to learn, and others will make you look like a genius.

Whichever the case, here are 5 programming languages you must not learn in 2024 for the reasons stated below.


PHP is a very easy programming language to work with, it feels so natural and straightforward. It powers more than 50% of websites on the internet, including some of the huge platforms like WordPress, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and many others.

Despite its ease of use and popularity, PHP is not the best language to learn in 2024. If you want to earn a lot of money, which most of us want, do not learn PHP.

According to a 2023 Stack Overflow survey of top-paying programming languages, PHP is the second least-paying programming language.

PHP developers get a median salary of $58,899 per year. In comparison, the highest-paying programming language Zig commands a salary of $103,611, nearly double the salary of PHP developers.


Objective-C has been popular among developers in the Apple ecosystem. It is used to develop iOS, macOS, ipadOS, tvOS, and watchOS applications.

In 2014, Apple introduced Swift. Swift’s modern features and ease of use made it the clear replacement for Objective-C.

Swift helps with cleaner code, fewer errors, and faster development cycles. Objective-C cannot match up to the beauty of Swift and its slowly matching out of the Apple developers Arsenal.

Plus, Objective-C is difficult to work with, especially when compared to Swift. For these reasons, do not learn Objective-C in 2024.


MATLAB is very popular in the Engineering, Signal processing, and Scientific computing space but it is one of the lowest-paying programming languages.

According to a Stack Overflow Survey 2023 of top-paying technologies, MATLAB developers earn a median salary of $61,735 per year.

Given its high learning curve and its niche application, it is expected that MATLAB developers should fetch higher salaries, unfortunately, they don’t.

If you want to earn a lot of money from your programming skills, you should not learn MATLAB in 2024.

While MATLAB shines in specific fields like engineering and signal processing, its use in other areas is less widespread.

If you envision using your programming skills across a broader range of projects, mastering a more versatile language like Python might be a better long-term investment.


Ruby is a great language to learn, it is straightforward to work with even for complete beginners. It has an English-like syntax that is easy to read, write, and understand.

It was the 4th highest-paying programming language in 2023 according to a Stack Overflow survey. Ruby developers reported a median salary of $98,522 per year.

However, Ruby’s popularity and usage have drastically reduced in the last 5 years. This makes it hard to compete for Ruby opportunities, especially for complete beginners.

For example, Ruby was used by 10.1% of developers in 2018 and this number reduced to 6.23% in 2023. This decrease in usage seems to continue going forward. For this reason, do not learn Ruby in 2024.


C++ is my favorite programming language, partly because it was the first programming language I learned and partly because of my electrical engineering training.

C++ is hugely popular for systems programming, game development, high-performance computing, and other low-level stuff.

I would love for many people to learn C++, but nay, C++ is one of the hardest languages to work with. If you want the easiest way to shoot yourself in the foot, try C++.

For a programming language this hard, it should fetch a higher salary, right? Unfortunately, C++ developers get a median salary of $74,963 per year.

Compare that to Zig (another systems programming language) developers who get a median salary of $103,611 per year.

For these reasons, do not learn C++ in 2024, you can learn other system programming languages like C, Zig, Rust, or Go.

There you have it. Those are 5 popular programming languages that you must not learn in 2024.

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