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Can web developers have tattoos

web developers tattoos

Can Web Developers have tattoos?

Tattoos mean different things to different people, for others, it’s a way of expressing their deep interest, a thing they never want to forget, an expression of love to a partner, an expression of their passion, a religious obligation, and others for sheer fun and more.

Web developers may have a tattoo to express their passion for web development or for other reasons not related to web development. A web developer can have a tattoo and still have no problems getting a job and working for big tech companies.

Having a tattoo is not a problem for many companies around the world, but it depends on the type of a tattoo, where the tattoo is located on your body, the type of job you are doing, and a few other factors here and there depending on the company you are working for.


Web developers can have a tattoo that expresses their love and passion for web development, their love for a partner or children, an important date in their life, and many others that help them to express themselves without harming others.

These types of tattoos are not likely to get a developer into any kind of trouble and most developers will not have difficulties getting a job with such kinds of tattoos.

However, if you have any hateful, racist, homophobic, cursing, obscene, or even political tattoos, etc. you are going to have problems and difficulties getting a job or being trusted by employers. A lot of companies if not all do not want to associate themselves with such symbols and behavior.

Whatever tattoo you decide to have, make sure it does not raise eyebrows whenever others see it. Some tattoos can even be an inspiration and no one will have problems with such tattoos.


The location of the tattoo on your body is worth the consideration. As a web developer, consider having a tattoo on a part that you can easily conceal. A facial tattoo is a bad idea, in an event that your employers do not want any kind of visible tattoo, you will have difficulties concealing a facial tattoo.

Other tattoos on your body can easily be hidden with a shirt, sleeves, or a trouser. Tattoos on the face, neck, hands, or any part that is very difficult to hide may work against you more often than not. staying away from such is a good idea.


Most web developers with tattoos will not have problems at their workplace and most employers will not care so much about tattoos. Web developers are not the face of the company, their work does not revolve around meeting clients and customers except on rare occasions, as a result, most web developers will not be subject to external scrutiny.

However, a lot of companies work extremely hard to protect their brand image, if the type of tattoo that you have jeopardizes the image of the company, employers will not risk it, even if your work does not involve interacting with clients.

Ultimately, even when you are sure that your type of job does not involve interacting with customers, you must take extra care to protect the image of the company, to have tattoos that can be hidden, and to have tattoos that are not offensive.

There are other companies and organizations that are more strict about tattoos, if you desire to be a developer in the education sector, financial sector, or the army, you may consider staying away from tattoos or concealing them at all cost.


Truth be taught, being a good developer has nothing to do with whether you have tattoos or not and a lot of companies know that. You must focus your efforts on striving to be a great developer, at the same time you must care for, and protect your image, including the type of tattoos you choose.

A good example of a developer whose web development skills speak volumes than his tattoos is Brad Traversy of the popular Youtube Channel Traversy Media. Brad has visible Tattoos on his arms, and yet he has received numerous job offers from big tech companies.

Brad Traversy | Traversy Media

You can hardly notice Mr. Traversy’s tattoos even though they are highly visible because his web development skills and the value he provides are much more visible than his tattoos, that’s what developers should strive to achieve, to provide more value for others and the company they are working for.

With a huge shortage of developers around the world, a lot of tech companies are becoming more accommodating and doing their best to attract and keep talented developers, to an extent of offering money for interviews.

In light of this, a lot of companies are loosening up their once upon a time strict measures and becoming more accommodating even to developers with tattoos. As long as you have the most sought-after skills and your tattoos are not offensive, you should be good.

If you want to be a good developer, you can look at some of the tips to become a better developer


If you think that your tattoos will reduce the chances of giving a good impression and getting a job, you may consider covering them. There are a lot of options to help you cover tattoos, here are some of them.

You can use long sleeves to cover tattoos on your arms.

Artificial sleeves to cover your arms in artificial skin.

Professional waterproof concealer to cover tattoos, and any other unwanted mark on your face, neck, or any other part of your body that you do not want to be visible. Most Professional waterproof concealers will match your skin tone and are easy to use.

Professional Water Proof Concealer


Web developers can have tattoos and still get a job as long as their tattoos are not offensive, harmful, racist, homophobic, obscene, etc. Tech companies nowadays are looking for talented developers and tattoos are not much of a concern except on rare occasions.

Can web developers have tattoos
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