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How can you ensure that your website stays visually consistent

visually consistent

How can you ensure that your website stays visually consistent?

There are a number of things you must consider to make sure that your website stays visually consistent. You don’t want different pages on your website looking like they are from an entirely different website.

If you are using WordPress, or other website builders such as Bubble, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Zyro, etc. it is going to be easy to make your website visually consistent. If on the other, if you are building your website from scratch, you will have to make sure that have global variables for fonts, headers, colors, etc.

Here are some of the implementations to help you achieve a visually consistent website.


You need to choose a theme color and stick with it. Make sure your entire website is using the same theme colors. Even when you switch between dark and light mode, your theme colors must remain visible, and visually appealing.

A three-color combination is very good for most websites. You will have one major color (light or dark), then the other color to show all the important things where you need to point your user’s attention, and the last color for all other things.


To make sure that your website stays visually consistent, ensure that all your pages have the same colors. I know it is fun to play with many different colors, but you need to make sure that all your pages are in sync with your entire theme.

If your Home page is white, red, and blue. Make sure that the rest of the pages such as about, contact, and more are also white, red, and blue. if the different pages have the same elements or components, make sure to use the same colors as well.

For example, you may want to make sure that all headers on all pages are in say red, or all external links are in blue, etc.


The page content is very important for consistency. Not only should your page colors match, your page content in terms of the arrangement of elements, and components should be consistent. If you have sidebar components on your pages, make sure they have a consistent design and style.

The arrangement and style of buttons, forms, links, paragraphs, etc. must be common for all pages that have them. The padding and margin must also be the same on all pages. You don’t some of the content to be more pushed inside than the other and vice versa.

It is these little things that count for a beautiful, and visually consistent website.


Fonts are very important for all websites. It is important to maintain the same font color, style, and family on all pages of your websites. It is not a good idea to use more than one font family for your website. Choose a font family and stick to it.

Your font colors must match on all your pages as well. Let all headers, links, or paragraphs have the same color. This helps to easily identify different elements on your website, and that in turn is a very good user experience.

consistent pictures

Your style and design of pictures are another opportunity to achieve a visually consistent website. You can choose to use pictures that are entirely black and white, images with an overlay color of your choice, or illustration images.

Your choice of images for your website can make it unique, and visually appealing. Just make sure to choose the type of pictures that will fit perfectly with your entire website theme.


Another great place to make your website unique, and visually consistent is in your selection of icons. Icons are a great short-form communication tool for many websites. There are many types of icons to choose from, make sure to use only one type of icon on your entire website.

You can use solid, sharp, soft, thin, bold, 3D, or animated icons. You need to make sure that your icon colors match your website theme. If possible make sure to use one color for all icons.

A visually consistent website is important to provide a good user experience. If a website’s styles are changing from one page to the other; such as fonts being too small on one page and big on another page, or moving from a light page to a dark page, that may provide a terrible experience for your users.

For that reason, you need to make sure that your website is as similar as possible from one page to the other. You can check out beautiful themes that are visually consistent among all pages on Envato


To ensure that your website stays visually consistent, you make sure the styles you are using for your elements and components are the same throughout your website. The colors and styles of your pictures, fonts, pages, and icons must match the theme of your website.

How can you ensure that your website stays visually consistent
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