How to Add Background Image in Google Docs

Google Docs Background Image – How to add it

Adding a background image in Google Docs is easy and straightforward. Here is the step by step process on how to do it.

Using the Google Docs Watermark feature is the best way to add a background image in Google Docs.

Once you are in Google Docs, go to the Insert tab and click Watermark from the dropdown.

Image background docs

A sidebar will appear with two options; Image and Text. Make sure you are on the Image option and click on “Select Image” to choose the image you want to set as the docs background.

You can choose an image from your computer (Upload), webcam, link (url), Google Photos, Google Drive, or Google Images.

choose image background in google docs

Once you have uploaded your image, you can format it by changing the scale or unchecking the Faded property.

You will also have more formatting options on “More image options” such as Size & Rotation, Position, Recolor, Adjustments, and Alt text.

background image google docs

Once you are done with formatting, you can click on the “Done” button to close the Watermark formatting sidebar. Viola, you have the background image set.

Even when you go to the next page, it will still have the background image.

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