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Is iOS App Development Worth it

is ios development worth it

Is iOS App Development Worth it?

Yes, iOS app development is worth it because of the many benefits that come with it. iOS applications are used all over the world for various activities such as communication, entertainment, socialization, Education, Shopping, Travel, Music, sports, finance, and more.

Developing iOS apps is a great way to add a new income stream to your life.

Mobile applications are great products that bring in millions in revenues for many companies. In 2020, global revenue from mobile apps increased to over 318 billion U.S. dollars (Statista). By 2025, these revenues are expected to reach 613 billion U.S. dollars.

Generally, iOS users have the propensity to spend more than Android users, it is reported that iOS users spend an estimated 85.1 billion U.S. dollars on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in 2021. (Statista)

Between 2017 and 2021, the global gross revenues of the Apple App Store experienced a 120 percent growth. These estimations show how huge the iOS app market is and it continues to grow. Being part of this growth is certainly worth it.

By being an iOS app developer, you will be developing apps for an audience that is already willing to spend on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps.


There are a lot of benefits that make developing iOS apps worth it. Generally, apps are built to solve problems, in the process of solving problems, most apps will generate a lot of money. Here are some of the benefits of developing iOS apps.


Developing iOS apps is a great source of income, whether you are a freelancer, a tutor, a company or you have a full-time job, being an iOS app developer can bring you good income.

According to, the average salary for an iOS developer is $108,945 per year in the United States. This translates to an average of $7,713 per month.


You can solve a lot of problems using iOS apps. There are apps that are developed to help students revise and solve school problems, others are built to help you easily find accommodation, manage your finances, communicate with loved ones, monitor your health habits, set appointments, and so much more.

Being able to develop iOS applications to solve real-life problems is a truly worthwhile contribution to people’s growth and wellbeing.


Many businesses use iOS apps to engage with their customers and offer their products and services. More and more businesses are using apps as part of their product delivery platform. An iOS app can help a business to grow and deliver its products and services efficiently.

You can also build a startup around your iOS app. This app can leverage the unique set of iOS device features and hardware to deliver a unique experience to users.


In order to develop iOS applications, you will be working with Xcode and Swift. You will also be exposed to APIs, Databases, and server-side programming languages such as Python, Php, node.js, Ruby, Go, Java, etc. which you can use for your app backend infrastructure.

You can also use Javascript, React, Dart, and C# for React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin respectively. Working with these programming languages and frameworks will help you when you want to work on other projects away from iOS applications.


Great iOS app development skills can help you to get a job in big tech companies for a role to develop native iOS applications. These companies offer perks and packages that make being an iOS developer one of the most admired jobs.


Developing iOS apps is expensive and time-consuming, you need a good understanding of the Apple ecosystem, set of features, backend infrastructure, APIs, databases, etc. You also need a mac and Xcode, it goes without saying that mac computers are generally expensive.

iOS app development is challenging but not hard loosely speaking. Using Xcode and Swift for native iOS app development can be challenging for many beginners, but it will get easier as you develop your programming skills.

Using cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter or IONIC can make iOS app development much easier than using Native Development Platforms XCode.

It also depends on the project you are working on and your level of programming skills. Ultimately, iOS app development is not hard but it is challenging and that’s what makes it worthwhile.


Seeing that the iOS app industry keeps glowing, there is a need for iOS app developers to keep up with the growth going forward.

Plus, the glowing number of startups around the world has also added to the glowing demand and need for iOS App Developers.

Our lives keep changing with the passing of each day and this change demands a new approach to applications. Who thought the app industry had a place for Tiktok?

There will always be new ideas to help us navigate through these changing times and we will need iOS app developers to build and maintain apps.

iOS app developers are also needed for maintenance, security, and upgrades of already applications. So, there is certainly a future for mobile app developers.


Successful app developers focus on solving real-life problems that people around the world are facing. You need to start by identifying a problem, once the problem is identified, you can then build your app as a solution.

When you think of successful apps such as Airbnb, Uber, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, and many others, you will realize that they all exist to solve real-life problems in accommodation, transportation, communication, entertainment, etc.

You can also become a successful iOS app developer by learning from others. You can learn from what they have developed, the structure of their code, the problems they aim to solve, and the tools they use.

This will help you learn the industry standards, best practices, and other problem-solving technics.


It can be seen that iOS app development is worth it. The growth of the app industry ensures that iOS app developers will be around for a long time.

You will also be solving real-life problems for people by developing apps that meet their needs. iOS app development helps you to earn money either as a freelancer, a tutor, or with a full-time job.

The challenges that you will face while developing iOS applications will help you to improve your problem-solving skills in programming and in life as a whole.

If you would like to get started developing iOS applications, check out iOS development classes on Skillshare. Try it for free for one month.

Is iOS App Development Worth it
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