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Programmer cashes in from Wordle Sale


Wordle has been Sold.

I wrote an article sometime back about the Beauty of being a Programmer. One of the things I highlighted was that it is possible for a programmer to be broke today and be a millionaire tomorrow.

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Well, I’m glad to report today that someone, not me (I wish it was me) has joined the millionaires club.

Have you in the recent time played the online word games WORDLE?

Wordle was made in October by Software Engineer Josh Wardle as a free to play online word challenge game. Wales-born Mr. Wardle, who graduated from university in London in 2006 and moved to the US for a master’s degree in 2008, worked as a software engineer at Reddit. He made wordle for him and his partner during the COVID lockdown.

Wordle has millions of players every day and has touched many people, united families and has continued to provide a great experience for its players.

It was reported on January 31st by Josh Wardle that he had reached an agreement with New York Times for them to continue running Wordle going forward. The New York Times said it bought the hit word game from its creator for a price “in the low seven figures”.

That’s it, any seven-figure number is in the millions. It is fair to say his genius and programming skills have paid. From just a game for him and his partner, to a seven-figure sale.

Programming is beautiful, isn’t it?

Happy Coding

Programmer cashes in from Wordle Sale

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