Stop Stressing About Programming Languages and Frameworks

programming Languages and frameworks

Hi there friends.

Much often programmers find themselves in programming Languages wars and debates, trying to establish the best programming Language or Framework. Beginners often ask, “what is the best Programming Language to learn?”

Others find themselves moving from one programming language or framework to the other and others find themselves stuck to one hard programming language so as to appear smart to others.

None of this is helpful though, the truth is: YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRESS ABOUT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND FRAMEWORKS, and here is why.

There are a lot of programming languages and frameworks out there and new ones are made from time to time. A few years ago, we didn’t have Dart or Vue or Svelte and so on.

There will always be new Languages and Frameworks to suit the changing times. What do you have to do then? Stop learning? God forbid. Learn every new tech in town? Hmmmmmm, I don’t think so. What then?

Firstly, in order to stay relevant as an Engineer/Developer, you must adapt to the changing times and stay abreast with recent developments.

Here is how to go about it, DO NOT be a general programmer (You can’t be a Game Developer, Mobile App Developer, Web Developer, Desktop App Developer, Hardware programmer, etc. at the same time) You will either burn out, get frustrated, know less about so much and achieve nothing (time wasted).

You will have to choose your path and then, only then, will you make sense of programming Languages and Frameworks. You have to decide what kind of Engineer or developer or Programmer you want to be.

If you choose Web development, concentrate on the technology that directly relates to web Development, Learn Javascript, PHP or Node, python, etc.

Don’t waste time cracking your head trying to understand memory management in Embedded Systems or understanding C++ in 21 Days.

The point is to concentrate on the Languages and frameworks that are relevant to what you are doing. Learn and build your skill around your path of interest.

If you find say Web Development no longer appeals to you and you would want a new challenge, do that, jump to another field, just make sure you are taking one path or closely related paths at a time.

This way, you will not stress about not knowing Python if your interest is Compilers, firmware, or operating systems.

You won’t be bothered by UNREAL Engine if you are interested in Websites, neither will you be intimated with React if your focus is Qt.

Most people think that knowing many Programming Languages and Frameworks is what makes them better programmers/Developers, far from it.

I have met many people who boast about knowing programming languages A, B —— Z, and Z1 and even every new Framework yet they have built nothing, less than nothing with all that they know, except debating about the best programming languages.

Truth is, there is no best programming language, there is no worst programming Language either. Programming Languages and Frameworks serve different purposes in different fields, that is why they should not be compared.

You will appreciate C++ & C# if you are in game development. Javascript, Python, Php will make sense if you are a Web Developer, C/C++ or Java will be more meaningful if you are in Hardware Programming, you better pick up Swift, Java, Kotlin, or Dart if your interest is in Mobile Applications.

It is true that there are programming languages that can be used in more than one field but that does not make them the best.

Just because you can use C++ or Javascript or C# or Python in Web Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development, and Desktop Development does not mean they are the best Languages, they are simply tools to help you ease your work and be efficient.

Don’t be dragged into debating the best programming Language or Framework, don’t get intimidated either if your friend knows a lot of Programming Languages or Frameworks. Choose your path, learn relevant technologies and go to work. The results will speak for you.

Stop Stressing About Programming Languages and Frameworks
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