Where to learn Programming

where to learn coding

If you are just starting up in programming, wonderful resources may be a problem to put together. Sometimes a lot of time is wasted looking for the best resources or teachers to learn programming from. In this article, I will look at the best resources to learn programming from.

These will include Educators from Youtube, Books, Websites, etc.

These resources are not arranged in any special order whatsoever. I will highlight those that have helped me the most when necessary.

For the sake of Diana, Let’s get started.


Youtube is one of the best places to learn programming, but looking for the best programming educators on Youtube can be time-consuming.

We all have different preferences and some personalities appeal more to us than others. I may like some educators who may not appeal to you. But there are some educators who are simply amazing and learning from them is just so wonderful.

I will save you the time-consuming task of looking for developers to follow and learn from on Youtube.


My personal favorite, by far the most organized Developer on Youtube (Brad Traversy also affirms this). His videos are arranged in easy to follow short series. He divides most of his videos into two; He teaches you the fundamentals and uses whatever you have learned to make a project.

This helps solidify whatever he is teaching. He has Web Development Videos ranging from Javascript and its frameworks, Node, Flutter, React Native, HTML, CSS and its frameworks, PHP, Python, Firebase, Go, and many others.

Most of his courses are far much better than some of the paid courses on Udemy. You can check out his channel if you don’t believe me.


Another amazing channel to learn programming from. Traversy Media run by Brad Traversy covers Web Development tutorials such as HTML, CSS, and its Frameworks, Javascript and its frameworks, React Native, Ionic, Node, Deno, and many other latest technologies in the tech industry.

Traversy also blends in some of his personal challenges and success which makes his channel both motivational and Inspirational. His channel has a huge following and many have been helped in their programming journey from the Videos he shares.


Mosh has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has helped many people to learn programming. He is simple and straightforward, his channel covers videos in Java, Python, C#, React Native, Javascript, Node, and many more.

He also talks about the industry practices, salaries, and some leading developer technologies and frameworks.


The FreeCodeCamp is by far the broadest channel in its content, covering Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Desktop app Development, Game Development, Cyber Security, Internet of things, etc. Their courses are long, comprehensive, contently and free.

They have many developers, some of them make learning a bliss, some of them you may not vibe with. All in all, there is plenty of content on FreeCodeCamp nearly for every kind of Developer.

There are many other channels on Youtube that you can follow which I will not cover in detail in the interest of time. These channels also contain amazing content to help you become a better developer. These include Academind, Design Course, Programming Knowledge, Dev Ed, Fireship.io


There are many Websites that make learning programming a great experience. Here are some of them:


This is every programmer’s savior, every programmer’s best friend, I would like to think that more Jobs have been saved because of this site, more freelancers have wowed their customers, more startups have launched, all because of the great Stackoverflow. If you don’t know it already, be assured that you will know and love it in no time.


Learning programming sometimes can be overwhelming, especially when there is no laid path to follow. Structured and guided learning is easy to follow and evaluate. When I was getting started with programming, I found myself moving from one technology to the other without learning much.

There was no proper guidance to make my learning easy. Months had gone by I didn’t know exactly what to learn and in what order.

This is where Treehouse comes in. Treehouse offers beginner to advanced courses in Web design, Web development. Mobile app development and Game Development. The courses are mostly aimed at beginners looking to learn coding skills for a career in the tech industry.

The Treehouse learning program includes videos combined with interactive quizzes and code challenges. Treehouse tracks are guided curricula, composed of courses that train students in large topic areas.

Treehouse offers a Techdegree program which is a Bootcamp-style program that guides you through a full curriculum of Treehouse learning. To earn your Techdegree, you’ll complete a series of projects for your professional portfolio. Techdegree learning includes courses, workshops, quizzes, and access to the exclusive Treehouse Slack community for live support.

Start your programming Journey at Treehouse


GitHub is where over 65 million developers shape the future of software, together. Contribute to the open-source community, manage your Git repositories

GitHub has millions of projects that you can learn from and contribute to. It won’t be long in your development journey before you summon the power of GitHub.


The explanations are simple and straightforward. W3schools covers a lot of technologies in web development. It will soon become your good friend.


Most of Freakjolly’s Tutorials are projects or feature-based, from how to… to Making such and such in Angular, Ionic, Firebase, React, and many others. He gives out all the code freely which makes coding relatively easy to follow and learn.


Books are amazing and one of the best ways to engage your mind in focusing on the principles of programming. Here are some of the books on programming that you will find helpful.

The Self Taught Programmer

A Programmer’s Guide to Computer Science: A virtual degree for the self-taught developer 

Software Engineering as a Career: How to Land a Programming Job without a Computer Science Degree, Habits of Successful Self-Taught Coders and Avoiding Programmer Burnout 

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions 


When I first got started, I had struggles going through the documentation for a language or technology that I want to learn. But with time, I learned and it is one of the best approaches to learning a technology or Language.

Everything about the language or technology you want to learn is covered in the documentation. When you try this approach a couple of times, you will find that it will begin to flow naturally. Though challenging, it is super helpful.

These are some of the channels, Books, Websites, and programs that have helped me to learn programming and be able to make programs that others are finding helpful.

Where to learn Programming

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