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I am Arkim Phiri

A Diversified Software Developer | Building Applications and Sharing the process & results on this website and in my Newsletter (The Snippets)

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The Jacob's Formula for Success

Hey, Let me tell you a story, a story that changed my life, a story that might change your life too…….

The Snippet Newsletter

In the Snippets, I share insights on software development and how you can leverage the Google Workspace to build personal and business applications.

YouTube Tutorials

I share tutorials on Spreadsheets, Google Workspace, and software development, I like to work with Google Workspace apps, Excel, Python, R, Julia, SQL, Javascript, Power BI, and many other analytics tools

Spreadsheet Templates

I have ready to use Google Sheets templates for Productivity, Personal Finance, Goals, Project Management and more

Free Excel Course

I made a free Excel Course for Beginners. Even if you have never used Excel before, this course is a great starting point. It also includes a project at the end.