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An All-in-one Scheduling SaaS making $14,800 per month

An All-in-one Scheduling SaaS making $14,800 per month

Maciej Cupial is a developer of Calendesk, an all-in-one scheduling appointment software built for businesses. He has grown Calendesk to $14,815 monthly recurring revenue (June 2024).

Calendesk is used by businesses to schedule appointments, easily set up subscriptions, automate payments, and integrate with existing systems.

Here is how Maciej came up with the idea, monetized, and how he gets new users.


Coming up with SaaS ideas can be easy and challenging at the same time, just because an idea sounds nice does not mean it will make money and many SaaS developers know this.

The best SaaS ideas often come from customer’s pain points.

Maciej got the idea for his SaaS from a simple, casual conversation with his hairdresser. The hairdresser had a difficult time finding an efficient tool to manage reservations and customers.

In that moment he knew exactly what to do: – to build a solution to this problem.

Although he struggled with the initial development of the product and lost a lot of money, he and his co-founder eventually managed to build Calendesk into what it is today.


As of June 2024, Calendesk reported a monthly recurring revenue of $14,815, all of this comes from monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Calendesk Pricing


Marketing and sales are by far the most important parts of building a successful SaaS. No matter how brilliant your SaaS is, if people don’t know about it, it is dead on launch.

To get initial traction, Maciej initiated a Google Ads campaign which yielded positive results as they began to see visitor conversions. He continues to use paid Google Ads to get more users.

TWITTER: Maciej promotes Calendesk on Twitter actively and passively. He shares about monthly generated revenues, features, number of users on Calendesk, and more.

This transparency inevitably builds trust and loyal followers, which in the long run helps to get new Calendesk users.

Maciej also has a dedicated Calendesk Twitter account where he shares Calendesk features and benefits.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Calendesk is well-optimized for search engines, in June, it received 1,955 organic visitors.

Calendesk has a blog and help center section with practical tips and business insights that readers can find through search engines.

These insights and tips help to build authority and trust in the Calendesk platform, ultimately driving readers to convert to paying users.

OTHERS: Maciej also utilized multiple channels to expand Calendesk’s reach, these channels include paid ads on Capterra, word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers, and adding links to the notifications and calendars to attract and retain new users.

You follow Maciej’s journey of growing to $20K monthly recurring revenues while building in public on Twitter or you can try out Calendesk for free