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Habit Tracker in Google Sheets

A habit tracker spreadsheet can offer numerous benefits if you are looking to establish and maintain positive habits.

This is why I have created a habit tracker in Google Sheets to help you track your habits.

Habit Tracker in Google Sheets

There are many benefits to using this Habit Tracker, Some of them include:

Visual Progress Tracking: Habit tracker spreadsheets allow you to visually track your progress over time.

Seeing your achievements in a clear and organized format can be highly motivating and help you stay committed to your habits.

Accountability: The act of recording your habits in a spreadsheet holds you accountable for your goals.

The visual representation of your progress can make you more conscious of your efforts and encourage you to stick to your habits.

Data-Driven Insights: With a habit tracker spreadsheet, you can analyze your data to gain insights into your habits.

You might identify patterns, trends, or correlations between different habits and your overall well-being.

Goal Setting: Setting specific goals for each habit becomes easier with a habit tracker spreadsheet.

You can define targets, such as a certain number of days per week, and work toward achieving them.

Positive Reinforcement: As you consistently mark off completed habits, you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment.

This positive reinforcement can boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Behavioral Change: Habit tracker spreadsheets can aid in behavior modification.

By visualizing your habits, you can focus on gradually replacing negative behaviors with positive ones.

Customization: You can create a habit tracker spreadsheet tailored to your needs.

This customization allows you to track the habits that are most relevant and important to you.

Awareness and Mindfulness: Keeping a habit tracker prompts you to be more mindful of your actions and choices throughout the day.

This awareness can lead to more intentional decision-making.

Motivation during Slumps: There might be times when your motivation wanes.

Looking back at your progress on a habit tracker can remind you of your achievements and reignite your drive.

Consistency Building: Consistency is key when forming new habits.

Habit tracker spreadsheets provide a clear structure to help you establish and maintain the routines you desire.

Easy Adaptation: If you notice that certain habits aren’t working for you, a habit tracker can help you quickly identify and adapt your approach.

Once you get this template, make sure to “Make a copy” of the file before you start working with it.

Click on the file tab in Google Sheets then click “Make a copy”. Once you do that, you can edit the worksheet to your heart’s content.

You can change the emojis that show once a certain threshold has been reached. The template is fully customizable.


Making a Habit Tracker in Google Sheets is simple and straightforward. In the video below, I have shown how you can simply make your own Habit Tracker.

You can expand on that to add more features to your own Tracker.

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