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Is Learning Web Development Worth It

Is learning web development worth it?

Web development skills are some of the most sought-after skills in the tech industry.

There is a huge demand for good developers, with some companies offering money to talented developers just to interview.

Plus, there are amazing perks offered by tech companies in an effort to keep their talented pool of developers, from welcome bonuses to free meals, sleeping pods, stock options, healthcare, vacations, gym reimbursements, etc.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of web developers and digital designers is estimated to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.

This means there are a lot of opportunities for web developers even in the foreseeable future.


Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or an intranet.

Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

There are many benefits to learning web development, here are some of them:

GETTING A JOB: Learning web development gives you the necessary in-demand skills that a lot of tech companies are looking for.

It gives you an opportunity to work with some of the biggest tech companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc.

GOOD SALARIES: According to, the average salary for a web developer is $68,125 per year in the United States and a $3,000 cash bonus per year. Some companies pay as much as $150 000 per year.

SIDE INCOME: When you learn web development, you can use your skills to earn extra income by making web products for others.

You can join platforms like Fiverr or Upwork for great freelancing opportunities.

BUILDING A SAAS: As a web developer, you can build your own Software as a Service, and you can charge your users a monthly or yearly subscription fee for access to your software.

You can team up with like-minded developers and build a startup around your SaaS.

SELLING COURSES: Since web development skills are in great demand, you can make Web Development courses to teach others the processes of web development.

These courses can be sold on platforms like Udemy or from your own platform.

REMOTE WORK: With a lot of big tech companies offering an option to work from home, there is no better job that is so flexible to work from home than web development.

You can work from anywhere around the world as a web developer as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

WORKING ON NEW CUTTING AGE TECHNOLOGY: Whether you are working for big tech companies that are researching and putting out new technologies or working for a startup that is working on a new idea, you will be exposed to cutting-edge technology.

DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: You will constantly be working on solving real-life problems as a web developer.

This will inevitably improve your problem-solving skills even in other areas of your life.

MOBILE AND DESKTOP APPS: You can use your web development skills to develop Mobile Applications using such technologies as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Nativescript, Ionic, Cordova, etc.

You can also use web development technologies to work on Desktop applications using Electron JS or NW JS

A DEGREE IS NOT A MUST: Another reason that makes Web development worth learning is that you don’t have to go to university to become a web developer.

A degree is not a must for getting a job as a web developer.

This means you can save yourself from a huge debt in student loans and you can save time by not going to university.

You can learn Web development from a lot of free resources on YouTube or paid Udemy, SkillShare, or Udacity courses.

Bootcamps are also available at cheaper fees compared to university and a shorter period of time (usually 3 – 12 months) to learn web development. Most Bootcamps will even help you to get a job.

Web development plays a huge part in health, education, finance, transport, and many other systems around the globe, been a web developer opens doors to work on a diverse range of sectors and the technology that powers them.


Web development can transform your financial status from whatever you are earning today, to becoming a millionaire tomorrow. You really have to put in a lot of work if this is to happen.

A great example of a developer who became a millionaire is Josh Wardle, the developer of a viral web-based word game Wordle.

The New York Times acquired Wordle from Josh Wardle at an undisclosed fee in the low seven figures (millions).

Another example of a developer who become a millionaire is Nick D’Aloisio, the developer of a web and mobile app Summly which was acquired by Yahoo for US $30 million.

There are many other examples of developers who become millionaires for their work.

You can become a millionaire or a billionaire if you are willing to put in some extra work or start a startup.

You can learn more about how web developers make money in our article How Do Web Developers Make Money?

Learning Web development is a great investment for your life and your future if you love working with technology, it is a decision that you will not regret.

For me, learning Web development is one of the best choices I have ever made, apart from earning a side income, I have been able to improve my life ultimately by meeting like-minded people, sharpening my technical skills, and working on software for small businesses and organizations and more.

We can see from all the things that we have looked at that web development is worth learning.

It is going to benefit you and those around you by solving real-life problems through code. You will also be able to work on life-changing projects.

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