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5 Soloprenuers You Must Follow to Build a One Person Business

5 Soloprenuers You Must Follow to Build a One Person Business

If you are working on building a one person business, there are many challenges that can slow you down or demotivate you,

Luckly, there are many amazing soloprenuers who have already done the hardwork and are sharing insights on how to succeed as a soloprenuer.

A solopreneur is a person who runs their own business, in which they typically work alone or with a small team of freelancers but no employees. 

There are different types of soloprenuers, some of the popular ones include Content Creators, Freelancers, Consultants, Wellness educators, Executive coaches, Agency owners, Community builders and many others.

Here are some of the amazing, hardworking, and successful soloprenuers providing valuable and actionable information that you can use to grow your one person business.

Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh is one of the widely known soloprenuers. He makes around $4,000,000 per year on his one person business.

Justin helps internet solopreneurs own their work and life. He provides actionable insights on Twitter, LinkedIn, his website, and through his Newsletter.

Justin’s major source of income is digital course sales. He sales two courses:

The LinkedIn Operating System and The Content Operating System.

You learn more about Justin Welsh and his work on his website

Florin Pop

Florin Pop is a software developer and soloprenuer. Florin quit his full-time job as a software engineer at SoftVision in 2019 to focus on his blog and side hustles.

As a Soloprenuer, Florin Pop made $27,031 in 4 months with iCodeThis, a platform used by more than 30,000 developers to improve their coding skills.

iCodeThis helps developers to improve their coding skills in a fun and practical way. 

iCodeThis provides daily coding challenges that are designed to improve your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. The challenges are varied and range in difficulty levels.

Florin makes money by charging for Pro access. The Gold access is $99 (Pay once, access forever) and The Platinum access is $299 (Pay once, access forever).

I have written a full article about Florin and iCodeThis here

Tony Dihn

Tony Dihn is a soloprenuer and developer of platforms such as (New!)

Tony grew from $0/month to $45K/month in 2 years at 90% profit. He shares actionable insights of his challenges and triumphs in his newsletter Tony Dinh’s Newsletter.

Tony makes money from his software by charging a subscription. For example, has three lifetime packages: Standard ($39), Extended ($59), and Premium ($79).

In early 2023, he sold his analytics software Black Magic for $128,000. There are many lessons to be learned from Tony Dihn’s soloprenuership journey. You can check out his newsletter for more.

Dan Koe

Dan Koe helps his audience to work less, earn more, and enjoy life. He shares powerful actionable insights on Twitter, YouTube, on his website, and through his newsletter.

Dan provides valuable free resources for his audience such as 7 Days to Genius Challenge and The Power Planner.

He makes money from digital course sales. These include The 2 Hour Writer ($150) and The Digital Economics (Bachelor’s Degree $499 and Master’s Degree $999).

If you are serious about transforming your life, Dan Koe is the man to follow. You will either like him and agree with him or you will not, no middle ground.

Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Cole is a Digital Writer, Co-Founder Ship 30 for 30, Premium Ghostwriting Academy, and Typeshare. 

He generously shares free actional content to help his audience become digital writers. He shares content on Twitter, YouTube, and his newsletter.

He has been a top writer on medium, quora, and Inc Magazine in years past. He is also the author of the top-selling Book – The Art and Business of Online Writing.

Nicolas makes money in many ways, but one of the prominent ones is through Ship 30 For 30, a cohort-based course that has taught over 7,000 students the fundamentals of writing on the internet.

The Cohort-based course costs $1,249 but is currently at $800. This course helps students to start writing online in 30 Days.

You can learn more about Nicolas Cole and his work through this podcast he had with Ali Abdaal.

All the above soloprenuers are on X (Twitter), you can follow them to get daily actionable advice on how to grow a one person business.

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