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A Solopreneur Made $2.317Million in 2023, Here are 5 Lessons That He Shared

Justin Welsh Made $2.317Million in 2023 from his one person business, he has shared many lessons online from his Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and newsletter. Here are some of the lessons that stuck with me.

Justin Welsh helps internet solopreneurs own their work and life. He provides actionable insights on Twitter, LinkedIn, his website, and through his Newsletter.

In 2023, He made $2.317Millionaire as a solopreneur at a staggering 90% profit margin. This is according to a Twitter post that he shared on his account.


Justin has multiple income streams, but he makes the majority of his money from digital course sales. He currently has 2 courses:

The LinkedIn Operating System and The Content Operating System.

His other sources of income include Coaching, Newsletter Sponsorships (with 195,000 subscribers), Affiliates, and subscriptions.



I feel like I had the best business year of my life because I was surrounded by positive, optimistic, helpful people. (Justin Welsh Tweet)

Surrounding yourself with winners is a powerful strategy for fostering personal and professional growth in the realm of solopreneurship.

The mindset, work ethic, and success-oriented attitudes of those around you can have a contagious effect, propelling your own endeavors to new heights.

Winners often possess valuable insights and experiences that can be instrumental in overcoming challenges commonly faced by solopreneurs.

Engaging with individuals who have achieved success in their respective fields can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, offering practical advice on everything from time management and productivity to effective marketing strategies.

The positive energy and determination exuded by a circle of winners can serve as a motivational force, encouraging you to set higher standards for yourself and your business.

Moreover, surrounding yourself with winners creates a supportive network that fosters collaboration and mutual growth.

Successful individuals are often eager to share their expertise, provide guidance, and even collaborate on projects.

Building strong relationships with accomplished professionals can open doors to opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations that may not have been accessible otherwise.

The collective wisdom and diverse skill sets within your network can serve as a resource pool, enabling you to tap into a range of talents and perspectives.

As a solopreneur, the journey can be challenging, but with a community of winners by your side, you not only gain access to valuable knowledge but also the motivation and inspiration needed to navigate the solopreneurial landscape with confidence and resilience.


Justin has worked with Andy Kennedy, 5Four Digital, Jake Ward, Brennan Dunn, and more to help improve his business and make my processes more scalable.

Outsourcing and delegating tasks can be transformative for a solopreneur, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and strategic aspects of their business.

As a solopreneur, wearing multiple hats can lead to burnout and hinder overall productivity.

By outsourcing non-core functions to specialized professionals or agencies, a you can free up valuable time and mental bandwidth.

This enables you to channel your energy into activities that directly contribute to business growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, often with a higher level of expertise than the solopreneur might possess.

Delegating responsibilities is another powerful strategy for solopreneurs. Building a team, even if it consists of freelancers or part-time collaborators, allows a solopreneur to leverage a diverse set of skills.

Delegating tasks to individuals with specialized expertise can lead to higher-quality outcomes and faster project completion.


Here is what Justine shared on staying positive and focused.

“Negative self-talk, getting involved in political arguments, watching the news, trolling, etc. are all cancerous activities. Stay focused on improving yourself and your family.”

To counter these cancerous activities, it is advisable to redirect focus towards self-improvement and nurturing positive relationships.

This involves cultivating a mindset that promotes personal growth, self-compassion, and a commitment to constructive communication.

By choosing positivity, personal development, and familial bonds over toxic behaviors, individuals can foster a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

In essence, this law suggests that tasks will often take longer than necessary if there is an extended deadline, as individuals tend to use the available time rather than completing the work more efficiently.

This phenomenon is not only applicable to time management but also to resource utilization, where work tends to expand to consume the resources allocated to it.

Justin advises that if you want to get stuff done faster, you should give yourself a shorter deadline.


Justin noted that, “There has never been more information at our fingertips than this moment, right now, in the entirety of human history.

If you’re asking everyone around you “How? How? How?” without trying to figure it out on your own, you’re in for a long life.”

There is a lot to learn from Justin Welsh’s successful solopreneur journey. You can learn more on Justin Welsh’s website.

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