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Does App Development Require Coding

does mobile app development require coding

Does App Development Require Coding?

Yes, app development requires coding, it actually requires a lot of coding if you want to make an app that will attract the attention of many users.

You can make a very simple app without coding, but if you want to make an app that will make a difference in this competitive industry, you need good coding skills.

There is a lot that goes into a successful development of an app. You need, UI designers, artists, programmers, etc. This combined effort brings together varying skills that are important for making a great and successful app.

An app UI designer or artist may not need any coding skills, they can use platforms like Figma, Adobe XD, and other software to make designs or wireframes of an app.

But a programmer is needed to bring an app to life and add all the interactivity, dynamics, features, backend infrastructure, and all the necessary functionality required for the app to function properly.

A lot of powerful, high-quality apps take a very long time to develop, during the development process, bugs are introduced and fixed through programming. There is a lot of testing and programmers have a huge responsibility to make an app functional.

There are many tools and programming languages that are involved in the development of apps. Some of the popular programming languages used to develop mobile applications include Kotlin, Java, Swift, C#, Javascript, and Dart.


Native android apps are developed using Android Studio. To use Android studio for developing mobile apps, you need to be familiar with either Java or Kotlin (Kotlin is recommended).

You also need to be familiar with Databases, APIs, and server-side languages to develop a backend infrastructure for your mobile app. All these technologies require coding. You cannot make any meaningful application in Android Studio without writing code.


On the other hand, native iOS mobile applications are developed using Xcode. In order to use Xcode for mobile app development, you need to have a good understanding of Swift. (you also need a Mac to develop iOS applications).

To develop the backend infrastructure of iOS apps, you need to be familiar with backend programming languages, databases, and APIs. All these tools and technologies require coding.


Cross-platform apps can be developed using cross platforms frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova, and many others. Using cross-platform frameworks, you can develop apps for Android and iOS from one codebase.

Cross-platform mobile apps are easier and cheap to make than native apps but they also require coding. The following programming languages are used for cross-platform mobile app development frameworks.

React Native – Javascript and React

Flutter – Dart Programming language

Xamarin – C# Programming language

Ionic – HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, and Vue

Cordova – HTML, CSS, Javascript

NativeScript – Typescript

Whether you are using native platforms or cross-platform frameworks for app development, you need coding to make mobile applications.


Similarly, whether you are developing native or cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, macOS, or Linux, you need coding skills to do it. Some of the popular tools and technologies used for desktop app development include Visual Studio, Xcode, Electron.js, Tauri, NW.js, and many others.

All these technologies require coding to work with. You will also need to be familiar with programming languages such as C#, Swift, C++, C, Javascript, Java, etc. in order to develop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Although coding skills are required to make applications, there are some platforms that you can use to make mobile apps and web applications without writing code. Most of these are paid options and you will have some limitations here and there.

Some of the popular no-code platforms for building applications include

Appy Pie: Appy Pie helps you to create mobile and web applications using a drag-and-drop interface. You can use it to build mobile apps, websites, chatbots, and many other applications.

The basic plan starts at $16 per app per month and supports Android only. For premium features, the price is $36 per app per month (Android only). For iOS support, the price is $60 per app per month.

Thunkable: with Thunkable, you can drag and drop components and use logic blocks to develop Android, iOS, and web applications.

Pricing starts at $13 per month to $38 per month. Business plans start at $167 per month. A free plan is also available but it has many limitations.

Jotform: Jotform’s free no-code app builder lets you add forms, widgets, products, and your branding to one fully customized app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Pricing starts at $34 per month to $99 per month. There is also a free plan available but it has a Jotform branding and a few other limitations.

Bubble: Bubble is used to build web apps and other applications using a drag-and-drop interface. Bubble cannot be used to develop native mobile and desktop apps. Bubble is geared toward web applications.

Pricing starts at $25 per month to $475 per month. There is also a free plan that you can use to acquaint yourself with the platform.

There are many other no-code platforms available for making apps. You can make wonderful applications using the above no-code platforms but the best approach is to code your application or hire a team of developers to do it for you.


It can be seen that coding is required to develop applications. Whether you are developing mobile applications, desktop applications, or web applications, you need a good understanding of programming to do it.

There are some apps that you can develop without writing using no-code app platforms, but if you want to seriously develop an app and attract the attention of many users, you need good coding skills.

Does App Development Require Coding
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