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Engineering in the medical field

Engineering has powered our advancement to modern life as we know it. From our modern transport system, to agriculture, the internet, manufacturing, Robotics, consumer electronics and many other fields. The hardest thing is to image a world void of Engineers.

The medical field has not been spared, the long reaching hands of engineers have touched the medical field and is has never been the same.

It can be rightly said that Engineers have powered the modern health care system, of all due respect for health personnel is acknowledged, since this article is on engineering, we will concentrate on the Engineers and their work.

When you look around the hospitals and clinics, nearly all of the medical equipment/devices are powered by Engineering, from Incubators to Ventilators, Defibrillators, infusion Pumps, artificial pacemakers, anaesthetic machines, PET & CT Scanners, Ultrasound & MRI machines etc.

Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, Robotics, are a few of the best majors for Engineers who are interested in the Health Sector.

At the start of a semester for Mechanical Engineering majors at MIT, a health expert describes what they want and the Student Engineers takes on the challenge to make such a device.

Video MIT .

There is a lot of research in Engineering that seek to make the medical devices better.

Electrical Engineers at Penn State University are working on improving a cardioverter Defibrillator to make it smaller and improving its battery life. This device has saved millions of patients with heart complications.

A combined team of Engineers at the University of Zambia made a Ventilator as part of their response to COVID 19.

In the book The Physics of the Future (Amazon) , The author talks about the research in many laboratories by Engineers to design Nano Robots which can be employed in the body to administer drugs and other internal repairs.

There has been research in making robots that can help in surgical operations with a few tests tried.

See the video of the Da Vinci Surgical System

Engineering has contributed a lot to the medical field.