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How Much I Made From My Side Income

How much I made from my side income in March

I am on a journey to make $5000 MRR and from March 2024 going forward, I will be updating on this platform how much I make each month.

I have 3 major income streams that I will focus on. Mobile Apps, a Blog, and a Spreadsheet training and services business.

I work full-time as a Digital Marketer and on the side, I run a Youtube channel, Tiktok Channel, spreadsheet training and services business, and I develop mobile and web applications.

March was a very bad month for me for all of these businesses. Here is how I did.


My tracking mobile app Codlixe with 14 users made $0 in its first month (March). I developed Codlixe to solve my problem. I was using a Google Sheets spreadsheet to track my goals, finances, weight, books that I am reading, etc.

Google Sheets did not serve me well on a small screen like a phone, so I decided to make an app that would work well on a phone and also look amazing.

Plus, I carry my phone every time, so it makes it easy to track things as they happen.

Codlixe ui


My app Biology Revision with about 1500 downloads made $0.07. I have not paid much attention to this app, but I feel it has a lot of potential to do fine.

So, I have decided to work on a huge update for this app which may increase users, downloads, and probably revenue.

As the name suggests, this app helps first-year university students to revise Bio-molecules, Molecular Biology, and Genetics.


My blog made $16.24 in AdSense revenue, this is down from the $80.30 from the other month, I was hit by the Google core update and lost nearly all of my organic traffic.

google search console growth

On this website, I write about programming but I am pivoting to write about Lifestyle businesses and building side businesses with a full-time job.

adsense revenue

You can check some of my recent posts on the latest posts page.


My online store Hadlixe which has free Excel and Google Sheets templates made $5 from the sale of a free template.

Yes, someone decided to pay for a free template and I am grateful. You can check the templates for inspiration here.

My Spreadsheet training and services business made $0 this month. I offer spreadsheet training and services to businesses and individuals.
Last month (February), I made $50 from a Google Sheets service that I offered to a local church.


Ultimately, I made a total of $16.31 in March from the above side projects, which is only 0.33% of my $5000 target.

It’s not much but it is better than nothing, and it shows what is possible when you try out something.


I am working on marketing Codlixe efficiently and adding features requested by the current users. I am also working on updating the Biology Revision and adding AI features to make it more attractive for students.

Finally, I am working on an AI web app to help me get responses from Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc without switching tabs.

I hope to come with growth news and higher revenues next month.

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