Is Haskell Still Used

Is Haskell Still Used

Yes, Haskell is still used and there are many important applications that run on Haskell. As of 2023, Haskell is used by 2.09% of developers.

Haskell programming language is a general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with type inference and lazy evaluation.

Haskell was designed with an orientation toward teaching, research, and industrial applications.

It is also widely used to build web applications, mobile applications, revision control systems, System tools development, compilers, blockchain platforms, cryptography, etc.

Haskell was used to implement the Cardano Blockchain platform, it is also used at Facebook to implement anti-spam programs.

According to a Stack Overflow survey of 2023, Haskell is used by 2.09% of developers, a decrease of 0.13% from 2022.

Since its development by Lennart Augustsson and his colleagues in 1990, Haskell grew in popularity and usage in many software development fields.

But in recent times, its popularity and usage have decreased drastically due to the emergence of newer, feature-rich, and easy-to-use programming languages.


There are many popular applications and companies that use Haskell in production, some of them include

  • Facebook
  • Cardona Blockchain Platform
  • Foxhound Systems
  • Target
  • e-bot7
  • Hasura
  • Serokell
  • Bitnomial
  • Mercury
  • Scarf
  • CentralApp
  • Fission
  • Imagine AI
  • Calabrio
  • Standard Chartered
  • Barclays
  • Noredink
  • IOHK
  • Bellroy
  • Stack Builders
  • Github
  • Microsoft
  • CircuitHub
  • Tramcloud, and many others

It can be seen that Haskell is still trusted and used by a lot of big companies and businesses.


Although Haskell is a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with over 30 years of development, its popularity has been decreasing over the years.

According to a Stack Overflow survey of 2023, Haskell is the 31st most commonly used programming language. It is used by 2.09% of developers.

Despite its popularity decreasing, Haskell is still admired by a lot of developers. Haskell is admired by 52.21% of developers (2023 Stack Overflow Survey).


Yes, Haskell is worth learning because there are a lot of big companies that still use it and they need Haskell developers to work on their codebases.

Haskell is among the high-paying programming language because there are few talented Haskell developers.

According to a 2023 Stack Overflow survey of top-paying programming languages, Haskell developers get a median salary of $85,672 per year.

This is higher than developers who use popular languages like Python, C++, SQL, C#, Java, PHP, and many others.

Glassdoor reported that in the United States, Haskell Developers get an estimated total pay of $116,419 per year.

Haskell salary

Learning Haskell puts you among some of the most highly-paid developers in the industry. Although Haskell is not as popular as it used to be, Learning Haskell can help you to earn more.

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If you are doing it for the money, Haskell is a great language to learn to increase your chances of earning a higher salary.

On the other hand, if you are starting a project from scratch or building a product for your company, using Haskell may not be the best approach, this is because there are few Haskell developers these days.

Finding talented Haskell developers to work with may not be easy. If you do find and hire Haskell developers, most of them will need a higher salary.

Haskell developers can be expensive to hire, if you are starting a project from scratch, consider using languages that have a large pool of talented developers who you can easily hire.


No, Haskell is not a dead language. Although its popularity has decreased, Haskell is still actively maintained and updated.

Haskell has been around for more than three decades and has an active community of users and developers.

Many companies like Facebook, Foxhound Systems, Target, Bitnomial, Mercury, Scarf, Calabrio, Standard Chartered, Barclays,, GitHub, Microsoft, etc. use Haskell to power some of their critical applications.


Haskell is still used by companies and individual developers. There are still a huge number of systems and applications that rely on Haskell to work effectively.

Many companies still need Haskell developers to maintain their Haskell codebases. Haskell developers are among the most highly-paid developers in the industry which acts as motivation for others to learn Haskell.