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Is WordPress Good for Professional Websites? 6 amazing reasons

Is WordPress Good for Professional Websites?

WordPress is the best platform for making professional websites without spending a lot of money and time. You can use WordPress to make professional business websites, personal portfolios, blogs, eCommerce stores, News & publication sites, forums, video platforms, and more.

WordPress powers more websites than the rest of the Content Management Systems (CMS) put together. According to statistics from w3techs, “WordPress is used by 64.2% of all the websites whose content management system we know.” That is 43% of all websites on the internet.

To top this up, there are many popular companies using WordPress, some of the notable ones include Techcrunch, BBC, Toyota, Sony Music, Wired, Time Magazine, Playstation, The Next Web, Spotify, Disney Books, Mashable, Microsoft, Vogue, The New York Times, and many others too numerous to mention.

Looking at a number of big companies using WordPress, you can tell that you will have no trouble using WordPress for professional websites. Let us further look at some of the amazing reasons that make WordPress the best platform for making professional websites.


WordPress is an open-source software meaning that you can use it for any type of project you want, from commercial to personal projects. There are a lot of developers who are working hard to make it powerful, reliable, secure, scalable, and flexible.

WordPress is free to use, all you need is to get hosting from a web hosting company like Inmotion (which comes with a free domain for one year). Then you can easily install WordPress and your professional website will be live in no time.


I love WordPress because it is very easy to use, you don’t need to be tech-savvy, and no coding skills are required. As long as you can read and understand, you will be able to use WordPress without problems.

While it may take weeks or months for web developers to build a website from scratch, with WordPress, you can make a powerful full-fledged website in a few minutes or hours. Once you have a theme, you can add more functionality to your website using plugins.

You can find more amazing themes and plugins on marketplaces like Envato


WordPress is not only easy to use when getting started, it is also easy to maintain. You can update your theme and plugins, manage comments, backup your website, add new users and admins, etc. all at a click of a button, plus there are many indicators in WordPress to help you keep your site healthy.

To make it even easier to maintain your site, you can use managed hosting like Liquid Web (Try it for free) to take care of maintenance tasks for you, manages hosting may offer automated backups, website optimization, and very quick support.


Although there is no website or content management system that is 100% secure, WordPress developers take security very seriously by pushing out new updates and security patches, this is why it is trusted by many big companies.

You can also make sure that your WordPress website remains safe by using a strong password, installing security plugins, updating themes and plugins, implementing a 2-Factor Authentication, and updating the WordPress CMS when there is a new update.


community developers

WordPress has a huge community of helpful developers and users who are willing to help in case you get stuck with anything. There are plenty of useful resources to help you with nearly any WordPress-related question.

A huge community with many discussions around a platform is helpful for innovation and improvement of the platform.


If you are a developer, you can use WordPress as a headless Content Management System through the WordPress REST API. This means you will be able to create your own custom mobile and web applications with a WordPress backend.

You can use any frontend framework of your choice like React, Vue, or Angular to make your own custom application. This makes development very easy than starting from scratch. WordPress will provide you with many endpoints as shown below.

wp rest api


Yes, WordPress actually powers a lot of eCommerce websites, you can install WooCommerce on your WordPress website to turn it into an online store. WooCommerce has many great features such as Secure Payments, shipping options, automated tax calculations, live shipping rates, and more.

online store

For example, Tonal which is a popular at-home gym and a personal trainer used by athletes like Lebron James is powered by WordPress and uses WooCommerce to sell its fitness product.

Using WordPress for Ecommerce is cost-effective, all you need is web hosting, which you can get for $2.29 a month with Inmotion hosting plus a free domain. Then you can install WordPress and WooCommerce on it, with that you, will have a professional, fully working, online store.


Yes, WordPress is good for building large websites that receive millions of visitors per month. Great examples of large websites that use WordPress include Techcrunch, The Next Web, Time Magazine, Wired, Mashable, Vogue, Observer, Dallas Mavericks, New York Post, and many others.

These websites are large with millions of visitors every month, and they all rely on WordPress to power their sites. It must be noted that you need very good hosting to run a large WordPress website without problems.

It is also worth noting that you will not be building the next Facebook, Amazon, or Youtube with a WordPress website. If you want to build a platform in the magnitude of Amazon or Facebook, you will need a team of developers, WordPress will simply not do it.


It can be seen that WordPress is a great platform for building professional websites. It has many great features that will make your website not only look professional but feel professional. WordPress has many themes and plugins to help you customize your website to your liking.

WordPress is also used by many big companies and celebrities, it is easy to use and maintain, it is inexpensive, and has a large community of developers and users to help you set up your website exactly how you want it to be.