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Notepad++ vs VS Code

notepad++ vs Visual Studio Code

Notepad++ vs VS Code

Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code (VS Code) are popular text editors used by many developers.

Notepad++ is a lightweight text editor primarily designed for basic text editing tasks. It’s great for quickly opening and editing files, especially for tasks like coding, scripting, and taking notes.

Notepad++ is a popular text editor for Windows users due to its lightweight nature and flexibility. It is customizable and supports various programming languages.

However, for more extensive software development projects, developers often opt for powerful editors like Visual Studio Code, which offer a more robust set of features to streamline the development process.

VS Code is a powerful, feature-rich code editor developed by Microsoft. It’s designed specifically for coding and development tasks, making it more suitable for complex projects.

VS Code provides a wide range of features, including advanced syntax highlighting, code completion, debugging, version control integration, and extensions.

Its extensions marketplace allows users to tailor the editor to their specific needs, making it highly versatile.


When it comes to popularity, VS code is more popular than Notepad++. As of 2023, Visual Studio Code is the most popular Development Environment by a huge margin.

According to the Stack Overflow survey of 2023, VS Code is the most commonly used editor among developers. It is used by 73.71% of developers.

On the other hand, Notepad++ is 4th most commonly used text editor. It is used by 24.54% of developers.

VS Code is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users, while Notepad++ is only available for Windows users.

In general, VS Code is widely popular among developers due to its feature-rich nature and strong focus on coding tasks.

It’s particularly well-suited for software development, web development, and other programming-intensive tasks.

Notepad++, on the other hand, is simpler and more lightweight, making it suitable for quick edits and basic tasks.


VS Code is better than Notepad++ in many ways. VS Code provides a wide range of features, including advanced syntax highlighting, code completion, debugging, version control integration, and extensions.

Its extensions marketplace allows users to tailor the editor to their specific needs, making it highly versatile.

If you want extensive customization through themes and a vast library of extensions to enhance your development workflow, VS Code is more versatile than Notepad++.

VS Code is highly customizable and extensible. Users can install a plethora of extensions to add new features, integrate with various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, and even change the appearance of the editor with themes.

VS Code is also better than Notepad++ for large complex projects. For complex and larger projects, where features like debugging, integrated terminal, and extensions are crucial, VS Code provides a more comprehensive environment.

Another advantage of VS Code over Notepad++ is that VS Code is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users while Notepad++ is only available for Windows users.

On the other hand, Notepad++ is better if you are working on small projects and looking for simplicity, speed, and performance.

Notepad++ is known for its fast startup and low memory usage, making it suitable for quick tasks without consuming too many resources.


Notepad++ offers a variety of plugins that can extend its functionality. The Notepad++ plugin ecosystem is not as robust as the VS Code extension ecosystem.

Notepad++ plugins are typically smaller and more focused on specific tasks. For example, there are plugins for syntax highlighting, code folding, and file searching.

Here are some of the most popular Notepad++ plugins:

NPPFTP: This plugin adds FTP and SFTP capabilities, allowing you to edit remote files directly from Notepad++.

Compare: This plugin helps you compare two files and highlight the differences between them.

NPPExec: It allows you to run external commands and scripts directly from Notepad++.

Explorer: This plugin adds a file explorer to Notepad++, making it easier to navigate and manage your files.

JSON Viewer: This plugin formats and highlights JSON files for better readability.

Markdown Viewer: This plugin renders Markdown files into formatted HTML, making it useful for writing and previewing Markdown content.

On the other hand, VS Code boasts an extensive and diverse ecosystem of extensions that enhance its capabilities for different programming languages, frameworks, and development workflows.

It is very easy to find an extension that fits your needs in whatever language and framework you are working it.

VS Code extensions cover a vast array of programming languages, tools, and development workflows.

They offer deeper integration, advanced features, and often leverage the extensive API of VS Code for seamless experiences.

Some of the popular VS Code extensions include

ESLint: Offers code linting and formatting for JavaScript, helping you maintain coding standards and catch errors.

Python: Provides tools for Python development, including code analysis, debugging, and virtual environment management.

GitLens: Enhances Git integration by providing more insights into code history, authors, and changes.

Live Server: Allows you to create a local development server for web projects with live reloading.

Visual Studio IntelliCode: Uses AI to provide intelligent code completion suggestions based on your coding patterns.

Prettier: Auto-formats code to maintain consistent styling across your project.

Docker: Integrates Docker tools for managing containers and images within VS Code.


Notepad++ is easier than VS Code. Notepad++ is a simpler text editor with a straightforward interface.

It is easy to learn and use, even for beginners. It is easy to install, lightweight, and doesn’t overwhelm users with too many features.

VS Code is also designed with ease of use in mind, but it offers a more feature-rich environment. Its interface can be more complex due to the larger range of tools and features available.

VS Code has a slightly steeper learning curve compared to Notepad++, especially if you’re new to coding or development tools.

However, its intuitive interface and helpful tooltips make it easier to pick up.

Ultimately, Notepad++ is good for small projects and simple tasks like coding, scripting, and taking notes.

VS Code is great for large and complex projects. It provides a wide range of features to handle extensive software development requirements.

Notepad++ vs VS Code
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