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5 Profitable Side Hustles to Increase Your Income if You have Google Workspace Skills

Unlock Your Earning Potential: Five Profitable Side Hustles for Google Workspace Users

Google Workspace makes collaboration and innovation easy by providing cloud applications that are easy and straightforward to work with.

Most of the applications in the Google Workspace are free with many great features. For advanced features, you will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

I have been able to supplement my monthly income through side hustles that are based on Google Workspace. From selling templates to providing training for businesses and individuals.

Here are 5 Google Workspace side hustles that can help you increase your income:


Providing training can be time-consuming, especially if you have a full-time job, but this is one of the best side hustles with the lowest friction to get started and you can charge more than other side hustles on this list.

Make sure to choose just one application within Google Workspace for a start, e.g. Slides, Sheets, Appsheet, Gmail, Calendar, etc.

With time, you can offer training for more than one application, or you can bundle the applications, e.g. Google Sheets and Appsheet or Google Docs and Slides, etc.

Make sure you have a very good understanding of the application you have chosen before you can start offering training.

For me, I chose Google Sheets and I provide Google Sheets training for Businesses. I have divided the training into three packages: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Each package has its own timeframe and price. I linked a Google Form to my website so that whoever wants these training services can submit the form and I can call them for arrangements.

If you want to see an example of my setup and packages for Google Sheets training, you can find it here.

Depending on your level of expertise, environment, and type of client, you can charge anywhere from $50 to more than $5,000 per training package.

I charge $75 for the beginner package and more than $300 for custom packages.

If you are very busy with your full-time job, you can schedule the training only for weekends.


Another great side hustle is making Workspace templates, e.g. Google Sheets templates, Sites templates, slides templates, docs templates, and more.

I love this side hustle because it’s passive. Once you make the template, you can sell it many times without any other extra effort.

Google Sheets templates are some of the most popular templates in the Google Workspace.

I am sure you have come across Budgeting Templates, Habit Trackers, Digital Daily Planners, Personal Finance trackers, and more.

I have my own store where I sell Google Sheets templates and you can check the store here for inspiration or as an example.

I have made $28.85 from selling Google Sheets templates between June and September. It is not much but it is better than nothing and it shows what’s possible when you put in a lot of work.

Hadlixe earnings from templates

I was initially giving my templates for free but later on, I decided to sell them for a small price.

Emily McDermott is a great example of someone earning a lot from selling Google Sheets templates.

In under 2 years, Emily McDermott made CA$280,000 selling spreadsheet templates (Google Sheets + Excel Templates) on Etsy. You can learn more about Emily here.

For a start, make sure to choose just one application, you can focus on making Google Sheets templates, Slides templates, Sites templates, or any other app that you are comfortable with within Google Workspace.


AppSheet is a great platform for developing mobile and web applications without writing code. It’s an amazing tool for app development side hustles.

I recently made a mobile app for my sister’s cake business in less than one hour. I just made a Google Sheet spreadsheet as a source of data and I used AppSheet to make the rest.

My sister has since recommended me to her friends running a similar cake business.

I have also made an administration app for our church to keep records of members, visitors, activities, and church projects.

It brings data in one place and makes it easily accessible anywhere. This has been a game-changer.

I will soon upload a video on How to Make a mobile app with AppSheet on my Youtube Channel, subscribe to get notified when I upload.

Making AppSheet apps is a great side hustle to consider. You can make apps to automate business processes, organize classes for teachers, project management, inventory tracking, machine learning, and more.

You can charge anywhere from $50 to more than $1000 for more complex apps. This will depend on the type of clients and your environment.

You can also publish apps made with AppSheet on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. I have written an article on What is AppSheet Used For?


Google Workspace applications can seamlessly work together to help you automate repetitive manual business tasks.

Many businesses want to automate as many processes as possible to save time, money, and be more productive and efficient.

Recently, I used a combination of Google Apps Script, Google Analytics 4, and Gmail to automate website performance reporting.

Essentially, I wrote code to automatically send out the website performance to the emails provided in the script. The email is automatically sent out daily, weekly, and monthly.

This requires coding using Javascript, but it is very easy to implement.

There are many companies that have websites that would benefit from this automation.

Learning how to automate business processes can take a lot of time and effort but once you have a good understanding of the tools involved, you will be able to earn a lot from this side hustle.


Google Workspace functionality can be extended using add-ons. These add-ons can be found on the Google Workspace marketplace.

If you have great coding skills, you can make a workspace add-on that has paid features. This can be a great source of passive income.

You can also make workspace add-ons specifically for organizations and charge a premium fee. This might not be very easy to do, but it is the most lucrative.

If you want ideas on add-ons, you can visit the Google Workspace marketplace for inspirations.

Google Workspace offers a suite of powerful tools that can be leveraged for various side hustles. It is easy to work with and used by many people and businesses.

Being an expert in just one of the tools in the Google Workspace can open many opportunities for side hustles that can help you increase your monthly income.

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