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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

I have curated a list of the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With up to 85% discount on certain products, this is the best time to get that product you have been longing for.

Here are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

BUBBLE (START FOR FREE) is a no-code web development platform that enables users to create web applications visually, without the need for traditional coding.

It offers a drag-and-drop interface for designing web pages, defining workflows, and establishing database structures.

With visual programming and responsive design capabilities, users can build fully functional and interactive applications suitable for various purposes.

It is used by companies like Hubspot, HP, Zendesk, Lift, VMware, LOREAL, Rappi, and many others.


I you want a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce site, Bluehost has you covered. Bluehost provides a range of web hosting services to individuals and businesses looking to establish an online presence.

Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated hosting, catering to the diverse needs of website owners.

Beyond hosting, Bluehost provides domain registration services, email hosting, and a suite of tools to help users manage and optimize their websites.


With thousands of courses from leading institutions like Google, MIT, Imperial College London, Duke, IBM, Microsoft, Stanford, and many others, there is nearly nothing you cannot learn on Coursera.

Get your first month of Coursera for only $1.


If you want to build an online store, Shopify is the best platform to go with. Shopify provides a user-friendly interface for designing and customizing websites, managing inventory, processing payments, and analyzing sales data.


Constant Contact is an email marketing platform designed to help businesses connect with their audience through targeted email campaigns.

It provides tools for creating visually appealing emails, managing contact lists, and tracking campaign performance.


Digital Ocean is widely used for hosting websites, applications, and databases in a cost-effective and easily scalable manner.

Developers appreciate its straightforward interface and the ability to deploy and manage infrastructure efficiently.

With a focus on simplicity and flexibility, Digital Ocean is suitable for startups, developers, and businesses seeking reliable cloud services.


NordVPN enhances online privacy and security by encrypting internet traffic and masking your IP address.

It provides a secure connection to the internet, protecting you from cyber threats and ensuring anonymity while browsing.

NordVPN is widely used to access geo-restricted content, secure public Wi-Fi connections, and maintain online privacy.


Podia enables creators to build a website, sell digital products, online courses, and memberships.

It provides tools for creating and hosting content, managing payments, email marketing, and engaging with students or members.


Namecheap provides affordable domain registration services, website hosting, and other online services.

My Domains and are registered with Namecheap. And all my websites are hosted on Namecheap.


Udacity offers courses and nanodegree programs in various fields such as technology, business, and data science.

It collaborates with industry leaders to create content that is relevant to current market needs. Udacity’s courses are designed to be project-based, providing hands-on experience and practical skills.


Skillshare focuses on creative and practical skills. It offers a wide range of classes, including design, photography, writing, coding, marketing, and more.

Skillshare’s format encourages a sense of community, allowing students to interact with each other and the instructor.

Popular creators such as Ali Abdaal, MKBHD, Cat Coquillette, and many others have classes on Skillshare.


Teachable enables individuals and organizations to create and sell online courses. It provides tools for course creation, customization, and marketing.

Teachable allows instructors to build their brand, set their pricing, and control the learning experience for their students.

With features like quizzes, discussions, and analytics, Teachable supports an interactive and effective learning environment.


If you are interested in a content business or blogging, SEMrush is one of the most powerful tools to pick up.

SEMrush offers a suite of tools for SEO, advertising, content marketing, and competitor analysis. It provides insights into keywords, backlink strategies, and overall website performance.


InMotion Hosting provides a range of fast and powerful hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, and dedicated servers.

It offers features such as high-speed servers, reliable uptime, and customer support. With a focus on performance and customer satisfaction, InMotion Hosting is a reliable choice for those seeking quality web hosting services.


Blinkist provides summaries, or “blinks,” of non-fiction books. It condenses key insights and ideas from a variety of genres, allowing you to consume the essence of a book in a shorter time.

Blinkist is designed for individuals who want to stay informed and learn from a diverse range of topics without investing the time it takes to read entire books.

It caters to busy professionals, students, and lifelong learners looking for a convenient way to access knowledge.


Hostinger is known for its affordable hosting plans and user-friendly interface. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting services.

Hostinger is popular among individuals and small businesses looking for budget-friendly hosting solutions without compromising on performance and reliability.

With features like a website builder, one-click installations, and 24/7 customer support, Hostinger aims to make web hosting accessible to a wide range of users.

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